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"This volume-boosting shampoo is one of the cleanest on the market, according to 60 Millions de Consommateurs"
-Version Femina


Body Oil -
Body Sunshine

Discover the very first oil to combine the antioxidant benefits of coffee oil and prebiotic with the natural tan provided by carrot oil.


Why remove water from your beauty products?

No water, avoids preservatives and endocrine disruptors. It's better for your health and it's also better to preserve this essential resource.

Why remove water?

Classic products, shampoos, masks, cleansers and care products contain up to 80% purified water. To avoid the development of bacteria, these products require the addition of preservatives, usually synthetic or petrochemical. Formulated without water or preservatives, our magic powders lather generously with shower water and provide your hair and skin with remarkable softness and effectiveness.

Douceur de lait d'amande shampoo is ranked #1 among the cleanest shampoos according to 60 Millions de Consommateurs. 

Voted number 1 of the cleanest shampoos in the 2023 study by 60 Millions de Consommateurs with a Cosmeto'Score A, Yodi powder shampoos have a healthy composition based on only 11 ingredients, including active plant ingredients.

Vegan and Conscious Cosmetics

Yodi is a certified vegan skin care line for hair, face, body and home. Each product is formulated with a minimum of ingredients, with organic or natural active ingredients. The list of ingredients is explained on the front of our products. Without water, our products are concentrated, patented and contain no preservatives or allergens. A new Natural and Vegan cosmetic created and manufactured in France and care rated 100/100 excellent on Yuka.

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No preservatives or allergens

Made in France

Excellent on Yuka

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Vegan cosmetics: our natural care categories

They say it better than we do

The brand's values are in line with my skincare philosophy. I recommend it a thousand times over and I'm glad I made up my own mind.



Leaves hair soft and well moisturized. This mask is magic on curly hair. We've been using it for 1 year with my daughter and we're going to continue.



You don't need much powder to wash your hair thoroughly. Hair is soft, shiny and voluminous. Good product.



The shampoo has a discreet but very pleasant fragrance, and forms a generous lather (be careful not to use too much product) that is easy to rinse off. The balm is melting.



Very pleasant, penetrates quickly and suits my dry skin superbly. Highly recommended.

Nelly Colin


I have long, curly hair, and I find this treatment helps define beautiful curls.

Anna Chagour Turpin


Pleasant, non-greasy texture. I put a drop in my face cream, body lotion and shampoo. I'm satisfied with the results.



Why powdered skincare will revolutionize our beauty routine.

This new washing powder for dry and/or colored hair has it all.

Greener, cleaner, the new gestures to adopt.

Prebiotics and powder texture: the new face of cleansing.

Reinventing the powder.

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