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Shake it! Oil - Charbon purifiant & Retinol-like Vegetable


42,00 €

Yuka : 100/100 Excellent

3 in 1 care Anti-blemish, sebum regulator and complexion evenser for combination and/or oily skin.

Beautiful skin effect, purified and detoxified!

A combination skin oil? It's now possible with this very innovative super care! This anti-imperfection face oil combines Charbon purifiant, concentrated Bakuchiol (2%), (also known as plant Retinol), Prebiotic, Coffee Oil and Jojoba Oil. Its 100% natural formula regulates excess sebum, refines skin texture and reduces imperfections. 

Use Day and/or Night. Can be mixed with your usual skin care product to boost the effects.

Combine with Yodi Charbon purifiant Powder Cleanser for perfect skin

30 ml

Combination to oily skin with visible imperfections. Imperfect skin.

The skin is detoxified, purified and imperfections are reduced. Acts as a skin perfector. No added fragrance.

- Skin perfector.

- Recommended even for sensitive and weakened skins.

- Can be applied in the morning and/or evening.

- Fragrance free, slight coffee smell.

- Perfectly suited to combination to oily skin.

- Gives a very nice skin quality

- Made cold: quality of the active ingredients preserved.

- Non-greasy feel

- 8 ingredients only.

- Eco designed : glass bottle.

Among the preconceived ideas in cosmetics, there is one that is still too widespread: vegetable oils and oily skin do not mix.

However, your skin, and in particular that of your face, even mixed or oily, also requires fatty substances including oils to be in top form. Oily skin can even become sensitive or reactive skin, so it needs to be protected with appropriate care. This fine face oil with a non-greasy feel is ideal for purifying the skin, regulating excess sebum and relieving inflamed skin.

BAKUCHIOL: ideal for combination to oily skin, it is the natural anti-imperfection active ingredient par excellence. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it has become a must for all skin types with acne or hyperpigmentation spots.

NATURAL PREBIOTIC: regulates the skin microbiota and reinforces the skin's protective function thanks to a unique composition of innovative active molecules.

JOJOBA OIL*: its composition is close to that of sebum, which makes it perfectly suited to combination to oily skin. It nourishes, protects and does not leave an oily finish.

VEGETABLE COAL: purifies & detoxifies the skin by eliminating impurities.

UPCYCLE COFFEE MARK EXTRACT OIL: smoothes and brightens the skin texture thanks to its antioxidant properties.

VITAMIN E: its antioxidant power neutralizes free radicals and stimulates cell renewal.

SUNFLOWER OIL: gives a "healthy glow" effect, reveals the radiance and softness of the skin.

OAT OIL: acts on the regeneration of the skin, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.

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Tips for use

1) Shake it ! Shake the bottle well. 

2) Put a few drops of oil in your hand. A small amount is enough. 

3) Apply to cleansed, dry face in the morning and/or evening, as you prefer. Time to relax! The oil will change color as you massage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mélanie Grésil

An incredible sensation from the 1st use ... my skin is much smoother and my complexion more even!
And its subtle scent is so pleasant!


Excellent product. I recommend it!

Sophie Delanoe
Perfect 👍

Already bought several times and tjs convinced!!! Thank you 🙏

Sophie Delanoe

Very good oil, pleasant to use.


My daughter finds this oil perfect, apart from the coffee fragrance, which is a little too strong for her taste. Softens skin without leaving a greasy film.

Our oil is the result of a co-creation with our community of Yodistas, here are their feelings after using Shake it oil:

feel that their imperfections are mitigated

consider that their skin is detoxified

consider that the overall appearance of the skin is improved