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Innovation Deodorant Powder

Discover our range of 100% natural body care products: innovation, our Deodorant Powderour 100% natural body oils and our cold-superfatted soaps nourishing or exfoliating.
All our body care products are water-free and preservative-free, and the cold manufacturing process respects the skin and optimizes the effectiveness of the care products.
Powder up your armpits with our new Natural deodorant powder, immerse yourself in the softness of summer with our Body Sunshine oil.Body Sunshine oil oil with Beta-carotene for velvety skin and long-lasting radiance, and awaken your skin and hair with the pure Vanilla of our Muesli and Pure Vanilla Precious Oiland rediscover the nourishing gesture in the shower with our superfatted soaps full of organic oils, suitable for very dry or atopic skin.