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Yodi is a positive brand of conscious beauty

Yodi offers a range of waterless
hygiene and beauty products without water,
natural, vegan and made in France.

The brand

Yodi offers a range of hygiene and beauty products without water, natural, vegan and Made in France.
Shampoos and face cleansers in powder ready to use vegan and without preservatives.
Skin, body and hair care products in the form of oils, serums or care products containing native aloe vera juice instead of water.
A new way of conceiving beauty, with natural and vegan products that are super efficient, because the powder turns into foam or milk.
2 patents registered.

Clean Beauty

All our products are certified

Excellent on Yuka

Our products are rated 100/100

Dermatological control

Our formulas are tested and patented

The cosmetics of the future in powder form

At the origin of the creation of Yodi, there is a unique line of hair and skin care powders. Composed of 2 shampoos, and face cleansers concentrated in natural and organic active ingredients.
Formulas that contain only the essentials, no water, no preservatives, no additives.
A revolution that transforms your hair and skin day after day.

How about saving water?

Yodi shampoos and cleansers do not contain water. They transform with the water used in the shower or at the sink. Why is this better? Because we avoid wasting water. Water that has to be purified, stored in factories and transported to the merchant and then to the consumer! The formulas are easy to rinse.

Minimalist care, concentrated & effective active ingredients

Our products contain between 8 and 12 ingredients visible on the front of the bottle or jar.
Natural vitamin C, vegetable Retinol, zinc, vegetable charcoal, prebiotic, aloe vera, they contain ingredients with proven effectiveness.

Products with real expertise

Care products developed with a microbiologist, skin and hair scientists, and patented formulas. The pH of the shampoos and facial cleansers is close to that of the skin. The organic solid soaps for the body are surgras and cold saponified. Our products are 100% natural and vegan.

Vegan formulas & natural origin

We have favored organic active ingredients, minerals and active ingredients of natural origin formulated by biotechnology. We have eliminated irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, animal-based active ingredients, preservatives and allergens.
Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable!

An ideal format for travel

Take just the essentials with you.
Our products are so light, they can travel with you. They are 5 times lighter than a regular shampoo or cleanser.

Naturalness but also results

Our cleansers offer easy cleaning and leave skin feeling soft and healthy. Our shampoos provide a quick and generous lather for soft, healthy, natural hair.

Sourced assets

Yodi has sought out the best active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in pharmacopoeias.
We favor organic and sustainable ingredients.
Our laboratory, factory and manufacturing are made in France. The perfumes of the shampoos are of natural origin and without allergens. The cleansers are without perfumes.