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Our commitments

Our goal:
Save water
Formulate with fewer ingredients
Remove irritating active ingredients
Use glass and aluminum that can be recycled indefinitely...


to science and nature !

The innovation of YODI products is to have succeeded in formulating products without water. The absence of water preserves the native qualities of the active ingredients or cosmetic formulation both during their production and transportation. Our products are therefore preservative-free.

Zero waste goal

At YODI, our goal is to offer products designed with as little plastic as possible and to support the zero waste movement. This is why we have chosen to use aluminum bottles (infinitely recyclable). The service cap of your product is made of PP (recyclable) and can be upcycled thanks to our partner CEP-Recycling. The label is made of wood cellulose (not plastic), so it is compostable and biodegradable!

Recover, reuse, recycle

If you are in France, once your product is finished, send us an e-mail (to so that we can send you a return slip to send us back your empty bottles. All you have to do is mail it back to us! It's free for you (it costs us 6 € for each return, but we are happy to do it, because it's important).
Unboxing: our products are not overpackaged and our shipping boxes are made of cardboard and our leaflet is made of FSC paper. We avoid any empty space and prefer small packages without plastic.

Patented innovation

All our products are Clean Beauty certified and are rated 100/100 on YUKA. The YODI formulas have been patented and tested under dermatological control.

Clean Beauty

All our products are certified

Excellent on Yuka

Our products are rated 100/100

Dermatological control

Our formulas are tested and patented