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Intense Nutrition Hair Routine

76,00€ 96,00€

Yuka : 100/100 Excellent

For dry, colored, damaged, textured hair & dry ends

This kit offers you 1 Nutritive Argan powder shampoo (40 g), 1 Aloe Argan mask (220 g) and 1 Precious Nourishing Muesli & Pure Vanille Oil (30 ml).

A trio of shocks to restore vitality, discipline and shine to your hair.


Dry, curly, colored or highlighted hair with dry lengths in need of intense hydration.


Hair and lengths are more supple, without frizz, softness and shine. Scalp and color are protected.


How to use it?

  • Shampoo - Nutritive Argan: Shake well before use. In the shower, wet your hair and hands well. Pour half to one teaspoon of shampoo powder in your hand depending on the length of your hair. Add water to your hands to lather. Apply to your hair and lather like a regular shampoo. Rinse with water.
  • Mask 100% natural - Aloe Argan :
    On your wet hair: Apply on your washed and dried hair, leave on 2 to 5 minutes, rinse well.
    On your dry hair if you need intense nutrition: Apply to your ends. A small amount is enough.
    On your very dry/curly hair to facilitate styling: Apply a small amount on your lengths soaked with water or aloe vera and let air dry.
  • Precious Nourishing Oil - Muesli & Pure Vanilla: Put a few drops of oil in your hand and apply to your face, previously cleaned and dry, to your body or hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Desjars Nathalie

very surprising and positive experience, another way of taking care of oneself thanks to very good quality and innovative products

LE MOUËL Sandrine

You have to figure out in what order to use the hair routine. For me, the mask should be applied before shampooing, otherwise my hair is sticky afterwards. But before, my hair looks great. It has never been so shiny.

Anne Valerie Ganamet

Excellent result, soft and pleasant, and natural, works better after the 2nd shampoo, so practical for travel, I love

Alibert Michèle

easy to use rinses out easily soft and shiny hair

Allard Cécile

Very good products.