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OVE LED Face Mask - Powerful cell regenerator

1.491,67€ 1.666,67€

Designed and manufactured in France for home use, the OVE LED Face Mask uses red LED light photobiomodulation to reinvent skin care.

With each session, the light significantly boosts cell regeneration, microcirculation and skin detoxification.

  • +18% skin elasticity 
  • - 43% reduction in the depth of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • -24% reduction in sagging facial contours
  • -71% reduction in sebum levels 
  • -34% reduction in pore diameter 
  • +23% smoother skin

The OVE Mask represents the culmination of 13 years' experience in the LED field, the fruit of close collaboration with scientific experts and designed by Olivier Lapidus to combine cutting-edge technology with aesthetic elegance.

Thanks to its Energy Mapping™ technology, this mask automatically adjusts in light intensity according to the specific zones of the face, meeting the energy needs of each.

Suitable for all skin types, the OVE Mask has been the subject of clinical studies demonstrating its exceptional effectiveness, with results visible from the very first use.