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100% natural mask - Ideal Aloe Argan


37,00 €

Yuka: 100/100 Excellent

This water-free, sulfate-free mask contains 70% pure organic aloe vera juice. Thanks to its aloe vera content, this hair mask is ideal for dry, color-treated, curly, frizzy or textured hair and dry, sensitive or irritated scalps.

220 g

All hair types with dry, color-treated, highlighted, straight or textured lengths (wavy, curly or frizzy). Ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated scalps.

Nourishes, strengthens and repairs deep down for less brittle hair. Adds shine and a 100% natural feel. Your scalp is nourished and protected. Suitable for pregnant women.

  • Nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens and repairs hair fibers
  • Protects the scalp
  • Makes detangling easier
  • Adds shine
  • Allergen-free fragrance of natural origin
  • Water-free, no listed preservatives, no sulfates, no silicones
  • 12 ingredients only
  • Eco-designed: aluminium pot
  • Pure ORGANIC* aloe vera juice: moisturizes hair and protects color
  • Organic* argan oil: nourishes, strengthens & adds shine
  • Hibiscus flower acids: restore shine and luster to your hair
  • Plant-derived glycerin: deeply moisturizes.
  • Natural hair conditioners: detangle lengths
  • Natural fragrance: delicately scents hair with its light coconut fragrance
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Our customers give their opinion

"I have a very sensitive scalp, fragile hair that regrays quickly... And it's always been hard to find a good treatment! But since I've tried this mask, my hair has come back to life! It's softer, stronger, doesn't grease as quickly and, above all, my scalp doesn't itch any more. A real nugget! "

Marie Delhasse
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How do I use it?

  1. Apply as a mask for 5 minutes or more. On damp hair: Apply to washed, towel-dried hair, leave on and rinse well. Can be applied before shampooing for dry, fine hair or after shampooing.
  2. As a detangling treatment after shampooing, rinse immediately. This treatment is concentrated: you'll see that a large dab is all you need.
  3. A mask for the scalp. For dry scalps lacking in moisture, our Ideal Aloe Argan treatment, which contains over 70% native aloe vera juice, will care for your scalp in a single step. Apply to wet or damp hair. Massage in for a stimulating effect. The treatment contains antioxidant Argan oil and hibiscus flower acids to nourish and strengthen the scalp.
  4. A highly concentrated leave-in treatment.
    On very dry/curly ends without rinsing to make styling easier: just take a tiny dab and mix it with water or aloe vera gel on your lengths, blending strand by strand to rehydrate your curls or ends.
    Ideal for curly hair between shampoos to redefine curls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Larissa Lefèvre
Not bad ...

Tested on dry hair to moisturize and tame frizz. With a light hand, it seems super effective and smells great while leaving a real impression of naturalness.

corinne fieg
Super hair mask

At ease, my soft hair shines and swells

Nicole Billard

Very pleasant. Shine!!!
Used only once...

Beatrice Chataigner

A perfect mask

Used only once

Not too much experience yet, as I've only used this mask once.

Dermatological test

Consider that the mask moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens hair.

Hair feels detangled and frizz-free.

The mask does not weigh hair down.

Our Ideal Aloe Argan Hair Mask was tested on 24 women aged 21-69 for 21 days with dry, damaged hair. According to the dermatologist's evaluation, the hair mask showed excellent dermatological tolerance on dry hair and scalp. And excellent cosmetic acceptability, with 100% favorable opinions.