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Powder Shampoo - Volume & Shine - Douceur de lait d'Amande



Yuka: 100/100 Excellent

Named by 60 millions de consommateurs Shampoo Number 1 in France for Health and the Environment

This foaming powder shampoo cares for your scalp and hair.
Ideal for oily scalps, fine hair or those looking for volume, shine and lightness. Because it's in powder form, the shower foam is generous but non-greasy, leaving hair shiny and light. With no preservatives, silicones or sulfates, it contains no water and is concentrated in active ingredients of natural origin. Enriched with prebiotics and cold-processed, it leaves hair shiny and soft, with volume and a healthy scalp.

40 g ≈ 250 ml = 1 month's use

Fine hair lacking volume, dull hair. Ideal for sensitive scalps and/or oily roots. Suitable for pregnant women.

When used correctly, by wetting hair well and using a maximum of one teaspoon of powder, this shampoo will bring you exceptional results:
Immediately, hair feels healthier, feels light and shiny.
Gradually, the scalp is less irritated, healthier and protected.
You'll regain body, strength, volume and shine.

  • The powder gives an abundant mousse texture "like a snow-white effect", ideal for restoring hair's natural feel. 
  • Cold-processed formula preserves the quality of active ingredients.
  • No water or preservatives, guaranteeing a gentle, respectful solution.
  • Suitable for normal to fine hair or oily scalps.
  • Leaves hair shiny, light, supple, soft, silky and moisturized with every use.
  • Eco-designed: recyclable aluminum bottle.
  • Ideal for traveling.

Sweet almond extract: moisturizes and protects hair, restoring softness and shine.

Sweet almond protein : known for stimulating hair growth and minimizing hair loss

Prebiotic: protects and strengthens the balance of scalp microbiota thanks to a unique composition of innovative active molecules

Rice extract: shines and drains hair fiber to boost shine

Plant-based foaming agents: create a sensory, creamy lather

Vanilla extract: softens and deeply nourishes from root to tip

Natural fragrance: delicately scents hair with its light coconut fragrance

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Our customers give their opinion

"The shampoo is top notch, lathers well, my hair has a little more volume, the scent is very pleasant. Combined with the mask, it's just perfect, as I have very fine hair, it doesn't weigh it down, it's soft and nourishing at the same time. Frankly, very good products. "

Marie-Line Ruisseaux
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How do I use it?

1. In the shower, I wet my hair thoroughly because it's the water that activates the powder.
2. I quickly shake my shampoo bottle to homogenize the powders.
3. I pour half a teaspoon (for short hair) or a teaspoon (for medium to long hair) of powder into the palm of my hand (average amount, to be adjusted according to hair length and thickness).
4. I apply the powder directly to my scalp (since it's the scalp that needs washing), massaging gently to activate the lather. The result is a generous, creamy lather. If not, I add more water.
5. Rinse with water until the foam (and therefore the dirt) is eliminated.

If you wish, you can shampoo your hair a second time. You'll see that the lather will be more abundant, which is normal because your hair will be cleaner and, above all, wetter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 604 reviews
Aurélie Motte
Perfect shampoo for my hair

I have wavy hair with a tendency to dryness, and this shampoo is perfect. It respects both my hair and the environment.

A nice surprise

This shampoo is a nice surprise. It strips a little, but leaves hair supple and shiny. It's a wonderful discovery. The discreet scent is very pleasant.

Camille de Moncan
Excellent product

I'm absolutely won over by this shampoo. It's as natural as it is effective. Since I've been using it, my fine, limp hair has regained its sheathing and vitality. My 12-year-old son has also adopted it! What's his favorite thing about it? It lathers a lot, smells good and doesn't sting the eyes ; ) A fantastic discovery that will definitely replace traditional shampoos in our family bathroom. I highly recommend it!


Makes hair soft and shiny.
As I have fine hair, I appreciate the volume effect when drying.

Isabelle Sabatier
good product

This shampoo is easy to use, long-lasting and very pleasant on the hair.

Dermatological test

Consider the shampoo gentle and protective for hair and scalp.

Feel that hair is nourished and moisturized.


Feel that their hair is supple after using shampoo.


* Our shampoo was tested for 21 days on 21 women aged 20 to 66 with oily scalp problems. According to the dermatologist's assessment, the shampoo showed excellent dermatological tolerance on oily scalps and on normal and fine hair. Approved for use by pregnant women.