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Body Sunshine - Sublimating Body Oil



Yuka: 100/100 Excellent

Discover the perfect formula for your skin: our sun-kissed orange body oil combines the natural radiance of beta-carotene with the powerful antioxidant benefits of coffee oil. And that's not all! We've added a natural prebiotic for optimum protection of your skin against external aggressors. 

This all-natural formula deeply nourishes and enhances your skin's texture. Composed of a precious blend of carrot oil, evening primrose oil, safflower oil, argan oil and prebiotics, it promises intense nourishment and magnificent radiance. Whatever your skin type, this oil adapts perfectly. It penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy film, so you can get dressed straight after application. 

Its almond and apricot fragrance is 100% natural and allergen-free.  

Reveal your natural radiance and protect your skin with this irresistible sensory experience. 


  • Moisturizes and nourishes body skin, 
  • Provides a natural, vitamin-rich glow,  
  • Prepares skin for tanning, 
  • Prolonged tanning,  
  • Prebiotic protects skin against external aggression. Beta-carotene prepares the skin for tanning and helps prolong it.

But beware, this oil does not contain SPF, so you need to apply sun protection before exposure.

Deeply nourished skin, a radiant complexion. 

  • Antioxidant
  • Reinforces the skin's protective barrier 
  • Manufactured cold, the quality of the active ingredients is preserved 
  • 8 ingredients only
  • Glass bottle made in France
  • Allergen-free
  • An oil that is absorbed by the skin as quickly as a nourishing body lotion

The unique texture of our Body Sunshine oil has been designed so that you can get dressed quickly after application. It leaves no greasy film.  

We have compared the penetration of Body Sunshine oil with that of a body lotion. The test was carried out on dry skin and showed that the penetration time was equal to that of a body lotion commonly sold in pharmacies. 

We wanted to reproduce this test on the esterified oil most commonly sold in pharmacies (this is an oil that has been chemically transformed and lost its natural properties. It can be recognized by the name Caprilate/caprate) that we also found on the market.  

We can see that the Body Sunshine oil penetrates faster than the esterified oil. Dry skin absorbed the oil after 2 minutes. In contrast, the oil containing esterified oils did not penetrate the skin and remained on the surface.

Carrot oil contains provitamin A, which prepares the skin for exposure to the sun, enabling it to tan faster and achieve a golden glow.

In addition, it helps prolong tanning by intensely nourishing the skin.

Since the creation of Yodi , the brand has developed a unique expertise in vegetable oils.  

All our oils are vegetable, organic and harvested by first cold pressing. This process produces a superior quality oil that retains all the plant's natural nutrients.

Carrot oil: Its high beta-carotene content makes it both moisturizing and nourishing. It is also known to prepare the skin for the sun by activating melanin, accelerating and maintaining tanning. Its orange hue gives the skin an instant tan.

Arabica coffee oil: A powerful antioxidant that protects skin from oxidative damage and prevents the signs of aging. 

Safflower oil: Its high content of essential fatty acids, including omega-6, gives it softening properties and helps maintain skin elasticity.

Evening primrose oil: Moisturizing, anti-aging, promotes healing.

Argan oil: Nourishing and repairing, it maintains the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Prebiotic : Maintains the balance of skin flora, protecting against external aggression. 

Vitamin E: Antioxidant to protect skin from oxidative damage and promote cell regeneration.  

Fragrance : natural origin and allergen-free.

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  ''I love the scent, it penetrates my skin very quickly, it's well moisturized.''

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Directions for use

  • After showering, gently dry your skin with a clean towel.
  • Pour a pipette-sized amount of body oil into the palm of your hand. Gently rub your hands together to warm the oil, facilitating its absorption by the skin. 
  • Start with legs and arms, massaging in the oil in circular movements. Continue by applying to the torso, abdomen, back and shoulders. Don't forget often-neglected areas such as elbows, knees and heels. 
  • Once you've applied the oil, take the time to gently massage it into your skin. Circular, upward movements help stimulate blood circulation and promote oil absorption. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being. 
  • If you have particularly dry areas, you can apply a little more oil to these areas and massage for longer. 
  • After application, allow the oil to absorb for a few minutes before getting dressed. This will allow your skin to benefit fully from the oil's moisturizing and nourishing properties. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Celine Benche
100% addict!

THE perfect formula, the texture, the smell, the color of the oil, the velvety finish on the skin. It's become the product I want my friends to discover every chance I get! Bravo Yodi!

Florence Capber
Body Sunshine - Sublimating Body Oil

Another great discovery. I have absolutely no regrets about my purchase.
Pleasant, subtle fragrance and easy application.
Just a little problem with the pipette, but you get used to it. I love it and recommend it.

Adeline Charbonneau

Lovely color, lovely smell, lovely texture, lovely bottle. The only problem: the pipette is not practical for getting the right dose to moisturize the whole body.

Very addictive product

Easy to apply. Beautifully colored and pleasantly scented, leaves skin supple and golden. Just the dispenser is a little "hard" to apply.

Valérie Jouan
Sublimating body oil.

I keep the skin slightly damp after showering so that it's easier to spread, but afterwards the skin is very soft and moisturized.