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Face powder cleanser - Skin lacking radiance - Vitamine C et fleurs d'Hibiscus


Yuka : 100/100 Excellent

A 100% natural powdered facial cleanser that rinses off with water. Ready to use, concentrated in Vitamin C of natural origin and AHA (acids) of hibiscus flowers. It is enriched with prebiotic. The pale pink powder contains no water, preservatives or sulfates. Add a few drops of water and it turns into a creamy veil, slightly foaming, but terribly effective.

30 g ≈ 150 ml + 1 month of use 

Dull skin or skin lacking radiance. Ideal for normal and combination skin. Suitable for pregnant women.

The complexion is clear, luminous, the pores are tightened, the skin is soft.

  • Fragrance-free, skin-friendly pH
  • No water, no preservatives, no sulfates, no allergens, no silicones
  • Protects the skin
  • Light and soft foam combined with oils for a clean skin
  • Cold made: quality of the active ingredients preserved
  • 9 ingredients only
  • Ideal for travel
  • Eco-designed: aluminum bottle
  • Jojoba oil: soothes irritations and scars

  • Sweet almond oil: gently cleanses

  • Ascorbyl glucoside, a natural derivative of stabilized vitamin C: brightens skin tone and reduces the appearance of spots

  • Hibiscus flower acid: strongly stimulates cell renewal and improves skin elasticity.

  • Organic corn starch: softens the skin

  • Vegetable-based foaming agents: create a sensory and creamy milk

  • Prebiotic: regulates and protects the skin microbiota and reinforces the skin's protective function thanks to a unique composition of innovative active molecules

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Our customers give their opinion

"I've been using this cleanser alternated with the trio of oils since the brand was launched last year. I was first seduced by the concept of a cleanser without preservatives made of natural products and then by the products themselves. The products are pleasant to use, a clean feeling without tightness, a smooth skin effect that I really appreciate. The whole family as well as many people around me have adopted them. "

Isabelle P
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How to use it?

  1. Shake the cleaner well before use
  2. Pour about half a teaspoon of cleaner into your hand.
  3. Add a few drops of water and rub between your hands (a milky texture will be created)
  4. Massage your face in circular motions to clean it well.
  5. Rinse well with water.
    Tip: For very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate tap water or limescale, it is preferable to use water for sensitive skin to lather and to rinse the cleanser.

Yodi vs Classic Cleaner

Customer review

Based on 67 review

Perfect products in terms of: -texture, ease and pleasure of use, packaging (light, small: perfect for travelling, takes up little space in our cupboards)

Marie-Ange Avel Cadot
Soft skin

Pleasant texture
Cleansed skin
Leaves the skin soft

Marion Bricard

Surprisingly, this powder texture turns into a mousse.
Does the job
Small minus: I'm used to more mousse but I know that's the downside

My face routine

A product that I love to clean my face morning and night.

Crétien Isabelle
My opinion

Easy to dilute, hair is shiny

Tested under dermatological control

Users say that the cleanser makes the complexion brighter and more even.

Users say that the cleanser cleanses perfectly and leaves the skin soft and clean.

Users find that the cleanser reduces feelings of tightness and provides a sense of comfort.

* Our cleanser was tested for 21 days on 22 women between the ages of 26 and 66 with problems of dullness, tired and sensitive skin. Based on the dermatologist's evaluation, the cleanser showed excellent dermatological tolerance on normal skin. Approved for use by pregnant women.