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Perfect shampoo for my hair

I have wavy hair with a tendency to dryness, and this shampoo is perfect. It respects both my hair and the environment.

Not bad ...

Tested on dry hair to moisturize and tame frizz. With a light hand, it seems super effective and smells great while leaving a real impression of naturalness.

Powder shampoo

I've been using it for a little over a year now, and at first it was just a little difficult to measure out the quantity.
It lathers sufficiently and the packaging (small bottle) is very practical.


Extremely easy-to-use products, with no junk in them, that leave hair super soft and scalp itch-free. Maybe a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, the quality is worth it.

Effective but...

I tested the deodorant following the very positive reviews and because I was looking for a natural product.
1st bluffing use: no odor or traces of perspiration, but used on a day without much heat.
2nd use less convincing in warmer weather: a smell in the middle of the day and a feeling of dampness under the arms.
Nevertheless, I'm going to continue using it because I like the concept and the clean ingredients. Summer will surely be more revealing...

Super hair mask

At ease, my soft hair shines and swells


Very pleasant. Shine!!!
Used only once...

A nice surprise

This shampoo is a nice surprise. It strips a little, but leaves hair supple and shiny. It's a wonderful discovery. The discreet scent is very pleasant.

Very good serum! I love it and recommend it!

100% addict!

THE perfect formula, the texture, the smell, the color of the oil, the velvety finish on the skin. It's become the product I want my friends to discover every chance I get! Bravo Yodi!

The most effective in organic!

This deodorant is unbelievable, pleasant to apply and so effective! It's flawless and a must-have!

dry shampoo

flat oily hair like too much sebum I tried shampoo powder hair grease less quickly .I think I found the solution to my problem to have a thickness

Pleasant, effective shampoo

A perfect mask

Yodi, excellence

I've been using the shampoos and conditioners for two months and my hair says thank you every day, it's shiny and supple again. My hair is fine and now has volume thanks to the products. The shampoo powder is perfect, as it can be packaged in a small bottle, which is very practical for packing in a suitcase when going on vacation.
In short, I'm delighted to have discovered Yodi products.

Body Sunshine - Sublimating Body Oil

Another great discovery. I have absolutely no regrets about my purchase.
Pleasant, subtle fragrance and easy application.
Just a little problem with the pipette, but you get used to it. I love it and recommend it.

Shampoo and mask for color-treated hair

Only used 2 times since I received the products.
The shampoo is not easy to dose, but lathers well.
The mask doesn't moisturize my curly, color-treated hair enough, I'll see after several uses.

Nice discovery

Nice discovery, effective product, easy to apply and with a sweet smell. I recommend

Pleasant Yodi volume powder shampoo

Yodi shampoo is very pleasant to use and does its job well, effectively cleansing the scalp and hair, gently and without causing itching.

A beautiful discovery

Finally, an effective deodorant that lasts and doesn't stain clothes. I love its practicality and powder format. To try it is to adopt it.

Excellent product

I'm absolutely won over by this shampoo. It's as natural as it is effective. Since I've been using it, my fine, limp hair has regained its sheathing and vitality. My 12-year-old son has also adopted it! What's his favorite thing about it? It lathers a lot, smells good and doesn't sting the eyes ; ) A fantastic discovery that will definitely replace traditional shampoos in our family bathroom. I highly recommend it!

Very pleasantly surprised

I've tested solid shampoos in the past, so I was skeptical... but these shampoos are very surprising!
The foam distributes very well from the first wash. So you only need one shampoo. With most shampoos, I almost always do two.
The hair is "crunchy" when rinsed, which suggests that it's going to need a lot of care and detangling afterwards, but that's absolutely not the case.
I deliberately shampooed without conditioner or care to test: detangling is easy and after drying the hair is soft, shiny and light.
Another unexpected benefit: I can space out my shampoos more than with the ones I used before!

The icing on the cake: particularly fast shipping and delivery.

In short, they're perfect!

Volume despite fine hair

I have fine hair and it's difficult to get volume. The yodi shampoo, on the other hand, provides this volume from the very first use.
What's more, the fact that it comes in powder form makes life easier when traveling a lot with a carry-on suitcase.

Very satisfied

I've been using it for a while and I love this shampoo. My hair looks great and I don't need any conditioner.

Superb product! Effective even with a lot of sport! Very pleasant fragrance and easy to use 🌟🌟🌟