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Finally a shampoo (almond milk, shine) that keeps its promises: 1st shampoo for very soft, shiny hair and good hold over time.
This is the first time in years that I was looking for a real natural product. Really great. I will soon try the mask and I hope it will be as good.
Only one small drawback, the price but it is worth it.
Eliane C.

Good product

First use of this very simple shampoo. I left the mask on for a while (after shampooing). Unfortunately for me my hair came out very very dry at the ends so impossible to detangle! The drying of my hair seemed interminable .... On the other hand, the top of my hair is shiny (something that doesn't happen with the other shampoos). To sum up, I think without a doubt, that these are excellent products but not for my hair.


Pleasantly surprised by the ease of use, easy rinsing and hair at its best when drying
I didn't need any conditioner, my hair is soft, light and shiny
When I go on a trip, I like to use my own shampoo and not the one from the hotel, but also to have a light bag001 dose in a very small box and hop, just qq grams for my toilet bag, without risk that it runs, I am delighted!
Thank you for this gentle formula that meets my needs

Excellent product

I love this product it moisturizes my skin perfectly and it smells great!
Bravo Yodi

Great product!

After several months of use, very satisfied. Skin is softer and well hydrated. Wrinkles less apparent, skin more elastic. Effect of a less marked skin.
I recommend it! The smell is pleasant. No greasy effect. Light application.
Thank you Yodi!

Very agreeable. Good idea the powder makeup remover

Very nice. Good idea the powder makeup remover

I really like the powder shampoo and the hair mask

I really like the powder shampoo and the hair mask

I love it...

I love it...

Magic product

This product is magic!
Since I've been applying a little bit every night on my face, the quality of my skin is much improved, my imperfections have disappeared and my skin is hydrated. A very effective 3-in-1 product. I highly recommend it!

Top rendering on the skin, reduces imperfections, tightens pores, very hydrating

Top rendering on the skin, reduces imperfections, tightens pores, very hydrating

Pleasant scent

Pleasant scent


So lucky to have been the winner of a superb box, a reliable brand, responsible listening. The products are good qualities the mask a pure happiness an incredible scent, the soap leaves a soft skin hyper pleasant for the skins with problem my son has allergies and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality it leaves a soft skin, the shampoo powder lathers instantly Simple to use and lathers as well as a liquid shampoo soft hair I am conquered again thank you.

Super scrubber

This soap is too aggressive to use it on my whole body (I have extremely fine and fragile skin), so I use it everywhere only after a long hot bath or a hammam.
On the other hand I use it regularly on my buttocks and thighs in particular and the effect is top. Super soft after the shower and the orange peel is less visible in the medium term!

I love it

Super exfoliating, it feels well scraped but it does not irritate my very fragile skin.
I blush of course when I use it but it disappears in a few minutes.
It is one of my favorite body scrubs! (I have to say that I am used to exfoliating with Marc de café)

Very good product

I was afraid it would be too astringent for my very sensitive and reactive skin but no! I use it when I have small imperfections and they disappear very quickly. I alternate with the other two, but the one I use the most frequently is the one with oil because of my dry skin. But this one is a great surprise!

Very good product

Very good cleanser, gives a healthy glow. I alternate it with the other two depending on my needs.

My favorite

My favorite cleanser of the range, it is perfect for my fragile skin, can be carried everywhere, I love it!


Very good shampoo, without superfluous ingredients, does not irritate my very sensitive scalp at all, and smells (like its counterpart) very good.
Both shampoos are a pleasure to use.
I use this one when my hair is a little dry or for the first few washes after a henna.
The rest of the time I use the other one which gives me more volume.

A delight BUT...

The brand allowed me to test this oil free of charge and I haven't been without it since!
Usually, it finishes my evening routine, to fix the hydration of my serum and my cream and bring the nutrition my skin lacks.
When I'm in a hurry, I use it as my routine after cleansing :)!
I also use it as a pre-shampoo mask on my hair from time to time.
And it smells so delicious you could eat it!
Even my partner loves it when I massage his face with it!
In spite of all the positive points, there is one really negative one: the pipette: it's impossible to press on it to suck up the oil. A real pain. And I have the impression that with each bottle it is more and more rigid. On the picture, I press with all my strength and I barely bend the nozzle. The oil didn't even have enough suction to rise. Result: I pour directly into my hand and it's unstoppable. One star less because of this, but nothing to do with the product itself. It's really a big problem with the packaging.

First of all, a very big thank you for your kindness and your confidence. All of us in the team are very touched and this encourages us a lot for the future.

Regarding the precious oil, there may have been a problem with the batch with the pipette you have because we double-checked and usually the pipette is pretty easy.

Do not hesitate if you have any other questions.

The Yodi team


My favorite mask/conditioner! Doesn't grease my fine hair, soothes my scalp when it's uncomfortable.
I often use it as a conditioner and when I have time as a mask after shampooing. And when I have a lot of time I leave it on for several hours (even overnight). It leaves my hair soft as silk!
The smell, the first time did not transcend me, but by dint of using it I ended up loving it!
A real nugget!


This is one of the best shampoos I've tested and the best in this price range.
I love it, it's easy to carry around, it doesn't irritate my hyper-sensitive scalp at all, it leaves my hair soft and shiny, not dry at all.
I can even do without conditioner from time to time, and I still don't have extremely tangled or rough hair (but I can't do without ace for too long, I still need more moisture).

In addition, this product respects my values, by respecting the environment, not wasting water unnecessarily and therefore without the need to add unnecessary ingredients to the care and potentially harmful to health and the environment.
Only active ingredients!


A product that is easy to use, easy to take with you when you travel, that respects the ecology ....but especially that makes the skin beautiful and soft

I dreamed of it, Yodi did it

Retinol Like Vegetable Oil is truly the perfect product for my dry and sensitive skin.
A very gentle care without any undesirable effects.
The serum that feels good!