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Excellent shampoo, leaves hair soft and washes perfectly.


Little powder, lots of foam
To be seen in the long run I have a very irritated scalp I'm waiting for the results

Super shampoo

Easy to use, easy to take with you, leaves hair shiny and light from the 1st use.


Lovely color, lovely smell, lovely texture, lovely bottle. The only problem: the pipette is not practical for getting the right dose to moisturize the whole body.

Chouchou Sponge
Roxanne Labrador
To be seen in time

The good thing is that it can be washed, which is really great, and we'll have to see over time how sturdy it is.
On the other hand, I find it expensive for a scrunchy, but once again I'll wait and see over the long term, so the price will surely be justified. I must admit I was surprised by the texture, I was expecting something soft but not at all... we'll see for now, it's a bit of a mixed opinion.

Good product

I've been using the oil for a while, so I'll give an initial opinion. See later if I change my opinion or not. For the moment I love the vanilla scent, I also like the non-greasy texture, I put it directly on the face (2 drops are enough). I took off one star for the price, which I find expensive for the quantity. Now we'll see how long a bottle lasts to find out if it's excessive or not :)

The best shampoo

This shampoo clearly saved my hair! I used to have to wash my hair every day because it would immediately become greasy. But after several months of using yodi shampoo, I've managed to space out my shampoos.
I only wash my hair twice a week now. I recommend this shampoo 1000% - a huge thank you!


When I have my hair styled, I am often told that my hair is ultra soft, thank you yodi!


Great product, I've been using it for 1 year and I'm completely satisfied.

Retinol Like Vegetal - Anti-aging serum
Natacha Regensberg-De Andreis
I can't live without it!

A well-moisturizing oil that doesn't leave the skin greasy.
I use it in the morning and it's now part of my wake-up ritual with a little facial massage....


Very easy to use. The appearance of the skin has changed. I love it!

Reviews of shampoo and conditioner for dry and/or color-treated hair

Very easy-to-use products. The shampoo is very gentle and leaves hair well moisturized. The conditioner is very effective. The two products complement each other and provide quality care for hair lacking moisture and damaged by chemical coloring. I recommend this product.

Effective without aggression!

Clean product again and again! Thanks Yodi!

Shampoo rated "Topissime"!

It's the first of all, effective, non-aggressive to the scalp, and leaves hair clean. Sparkling color without chemicals! Incomparable! Thank you for your brilliant products!


Cleanses the skin without aggressing it.

Hair Care Routine
Danya Bergey
expensive products

The oil I use for my face is fine, moisturizing, but leaves a slightly greasy film on my skin (I have very dry skin).
Its container is certainly very pretty, but not very practical for everyday use. The top plastic part is very hard, so you have to squeeze it hard with your fingertips for the pipette to suck up the oil. I find that this makes for a lot of handling, and fingers that are a little oily after application to close the bottle increase the risk of breakage or spillage.
The mask is fine, but perhaps not suited to my dry, fine hair: I have to shampoo twice after applying it and rinsing well, otherwise my hair stays greasy.
Although I don't doubt their quality, I find these 2 products too expensive for me.


It's a perfect ally in your daily skincare routine, and also highly recommended as a complement to treatment for androgenic alopecia, to preserve your PH balance and the strength of your hair and scalp.


Great, easy-to-use products that suit my hair.

These shampoos are magic

They're practical, smell great and leave hair soft and silky.
I love these shampoos - they're magic. The price is quite high, but our hair is worth it. I think it's a shame there's no way to buy just refills.

Amazing Soaps

Great for both men and women, my wife and I use this soap. I get no allergies and the quality is amazing, I don't have to worry about any bad components like sulfates that can affect my skin, or the pH of my skin. I recommend.


Dry shampoo and gentle oil, perfect in the morning for my hair and face, a useful boost of youth.


YODI powder products are easy to use and above all very eco-friendly; the shampoo is very good, especially for dry, damaged argan hair.

WHAT A GREAT DISCOVERY this anti-wrinkle oil serum is!

Thank you Maxime for letting me discover this wonderful serum.
A marvel with a discreet, subtle fragrance that moisturizes magnificently.
My (mature) skin says it all with a gentle touch... "Thank you YODI" and without hesitation I invite you to try it and adopt it... impossible and even ... forbidden to be disappointed!

Excellent product

Soft, shiny hair after mask application

Very addictive product

Easy to apply. Beautifully colored and pleasantly scented, leaves skin supple and golden. Just the dispenser is a little "hard" to apply.