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Dry Powder Deodorant : The power of powder


Natural. Efficient. Sensory and Healthy

20,00€ - 3 Months of use

Yuka 100/100 excellent, 100% natural origin
Spécial for sensitive or depilated skin. Alcohol-free, no preservatives, no aluminum salts

When deodorant becomes skincare.
A 100% natural, effective powder deodorant with a gentle fragrance, enriched with prebiotics and probiotics.
Between hygiene and skincare, deodorant is an essential part of any overall daily beauty routine. To offer an effective, gentle and natural deodorant in line with Yodi's values, the challenge was twofold: firstly, to eliminate all the endocrine disruptors found in conventional versions. After 3 years of research, over 100 tests, 3 consumer studies and a patent, Yodi reinvents the powder deodorant with a 100% natural formula. Enriched with prebiotics, probiotics and vitamin E, it cares for the skin flora in the armpit and provides a feeling of comfort all day long. Less greasy than a stick, less liquid than a roll-on, the powder puff under the armpit is quickly absorbed! 

All skin types, even sensitive.

  • Dry Powder deodorant is a real anti-odour and antibacterial shield, combining exceptional ingredients for optimum protection without blocking perspiration. Enriched with zinc, it naturally regulates perspiration while soothing the skin. Active ingredients from the Dead Sea have been selected for their ability to control bacteria levels on the skin's surface. Baking soda, meanwhile, effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors. But that's not all: this deodorant goes a step further, incorporating prebiotics and probiotics to protect the skin's flora. With such a combination of natural and beneficial ingredients, this deodorant offers an incomparable experience of comfort, while caring for your skin with gentleness and respect.
  • Dry Powder is an ultra-soft nude powder. This color is obtained naturally thanks to apple powder. As a result, the powder is not white and streaks are less noticeable. 
  • The powder puff application keeps your hands clean and reminds you of the traditional "powdering" gesture.
  • Efficiency and comfort all day long  
  • Non-greasy texture 
  • Soft, healthy underarms

Thanks to the cotton puff, deodorant application is gentle and easy: simply pour powder onto the puff and pat under the armpit, covering it with powder. Quickly absorbed, you can get dressed without a trace.


Instructions for use:

Apply generously every day to clean, dry skin.

- Remove the protective sticker and turn the box over onto the puff to
release the product. 

- Apply a generous amount of powder to the armpit.

- Repeat if necessary until the armpit is completely covered
with powder.

In the event of sporting activity or special exertion, reapply throughout the day.

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"I had the chance to test the deodorant beforehand, and the fineness of the powder and its softness on application, without any trace, won me over. Knowing it's aluminum-free is very important to me, but that shouldn't be at the expense of effectiveness: successful performance for YODI."


(Doctor of Pharmacy, Diploma in Micronutrition and Preventive Medicine, specialized in food intolerances and intestinal microbiota for over 20 years).

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Customer Reviews

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florence cambonie
Dry Powder deodorant

I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness of this deodorant powder. I tried it and it's really top-notch, the powder spreads without leaving a trace. You don't need to apply much (the little puff measures out the quantity) and it's really effective even if I don't perspire much.
A great discovery, I recommend it.

Helene Qvistgaard

Fine powder, easy to apply. I don't have the benefit of hindsight, as I haven't yet done any sport with this deodorant on, but it's very effective for everyday use, with no itching or redness, even though I have very sensitive skin. A great discovery.

Gilles Richard Raud
Deodorant powder

This deodorant is a revelation!


Very good product, very satisfied.

Congratulations on the new deodorant formula!

The powder is much less "volatile" and melts instantly into the skin.
Feels completely dry, without blocking perspiration.
Reliable and effective, even when exercising.
Fresh, discreet and pleasant fragrance.
The assurance of a healthy product.