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TRIO Powder shampoos - Dry and colored hair - Nutritive Argan

48,33€ 55,00€


Yuka: 100/100 Excellent

An ultra-gentle foaming powder shampoo. Ready-to-use, with argan oil, organic aloe vera and pea proteins. Enriched with prebiotics. No water, preservatives or sulfates. The powder lathers instantly on contact with water, just like your classic shampoo, but without greasing the scalp or damaging the hair.

40 g ≈ 250 ml = 1 month's use

Dry, curly, colored or highlighted hair. Ideal for sensitive scalps.

Supple, frizz-free hair, softness, shine and color is preserved. Suitable for pregnant women.

  • Allergen-free fragrance of natural origin
  • Water-free, preservative-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free
  • Protects the scalp
  • Generous foam on contact with water and quick rinsing
  • Cold-processed: preserving the quality of active ingredients
  • 9 ingredients only
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Eco-designed: aluminum bottle

Organic aloe vera: moisturizes and protects color.

Organic argan oil: nourishes, strengthens & adds shine.

Pea protein: repairs hair fiber.

Organic corn starch: Softens the scalp

Prebiotic: protects and strengthens the balance of the scalp's microbiota thanks to a unique composition of innovative active molecules.

Plant-based foaming agents: create a sensory, creamy lather.

Natural fragrance: delicately perfumes hair with its light apricot scent.

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Our customers give their opinion

"Hello! Well, I'm thrilled!!! Never, ever have I had results like these. Even though I had a little trouble lathering the 1ʳᵉ time, I get volume that lasts for days, which has never happened to me. I remove the towel after 10-15 minutes and my hair, still damp, already has a different texture and already volume. "

Martine Renault
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How do I use it?

1. In the shower, I wet my hair thoroughly because it's the water that activates the powder.
2. I quickly shake my shampoo bottle to homogenize the powders.
3. I pour half a teaspoon (for short hair) or a teaspoon (for medium to long hair) of powder into the palm of my hand (average amount, to be adjusted according to hair length and thickness).
4. I apply the powder directly to my scalp (since it's the scalp that needs washing), massaging gently to activate the lather. The result is a generous, creamy lather. If not, I add more water.
5. Rinse with water until the foam (and therefore the dirt) is eliminated.

If you wish, you can shampoo your hair a second time. You'll see that the lather will be more abundant, which is normal because your hair will be cleaner and, above all, wetter.

Yodi vs Classic Shampoo

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Super shampoo that leaves hair supple and shiny. No itching problems after use.


I love this shampoo, which I've been using for about 2 years now. It doesn't damage my hair and leaves it beautiful and silky.

joelle laurre

Leaves hair supple and voluminous. Convenient travel size.

Anne Duparc
Very good shampoo

This shampoo is very environmentally friendly and very effective. After just one shampoo, my hair is voluminous, shiny and stays clean for several days.

Jean marc Elbaum
Super champoing!

It smells great and leaves hair soft after washing. The powder idea is brilliant: no preservatives because the raya is added at the last moment. In short, I love it !!!!

Dermatological test

Find the shampoo gentle on hair and scalp.

Feel that the scalp itches less.

Feel that their color is preserved.

* Our shampoo was tested for 21 days on 21 women aged 20 to 66 with dry scalp problems. According to the dermatologist's assessment, the shampoo showed excellent dermatological tolerance on dry, color-treated hair and scalp. Approved for use by pregnant women.