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White ceramic chestnut stem


Looking for a decorative, efficient object made in France?

House of Yodi offers you a beautiful chestnut stem, handcrafted by a French porcelain maker based in Limoges.

This porous white ceramic adds a truly decorative touch to your Epicez-moi and Happy Hour diffusers, while scenting your home.

The four Yodi fragrances contain natural raw materials and may experience slight color changes over time without altering the quality of the scents. The white ceramic stem may also become slightly tinted over time.

You can clean it with soap and hot water, or put it in a pan of cold water and bring it to the boil.


Its advantages

Eases diffusion: Ceramic chestnut stems diffuse the fragrance throughout your home, thanks to the porosity of this material. The porous ceramic soaks up the fragrance, leaving a pleasantly scented trail through your home. 

This method of diffusion is completely safe, with no risk of burns or sparks. 

A Yodi decorative plus: the ceramic chestnut stem will add a touch of elegance to your diffuser and your home. 

Eco-designed: Handcrafted in Limoges, France, like a chestnut branch. This ceramic is the perfect option for long-lasting fragrances. However, we recommend changing the ceramic if you opt for another House of Yodi scent.

Directions for use

We recommend the use of chestnut stems for Épicez-moi and Happy Hour. For the Bonbons & Caramels and Hello Sunshine fragrances, the natural raw materials of these two fragrances, especially vanilla, will color your ceramic stem.

To increase the power of diffusion, generously spray the scent of your House of Yodi refill spray onto the top of the ceramic branch. Then insert the ceramic chestnut branch into your diffuser. For optimum diffusion, we recommend waiting a few hours for the fragrance to fully penetrate the ceramic. The rest of the fragrance contained in your spray can be used at wilĺ to scent your home!

Why ceramics?

In addition to its delicacy, ceramic has another astonishing property! This material is porous, which means it can absorb your perfume and reproduce the fragrance notes without altering them. It's the perfect option for natural diffusion. Ceramic is also reusable, so you can make your favorite House of Yodi diffuser over and over again. We decided to highlight French know-how by choosing a renowned porcelain manufacturer in Limoges. This city is the cradle of French porcelain. For 40 years now, Limoges has been developing its ceramic art.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful branch

It is sublime and diffuses room fragrance very well.