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JUST A BRUSH! Detangles, styles & shines hair


This essential brush does it all: it stimulates scalp circulation, gently removes tangles and coats and shines hair. Use it every day, without moderation!

More than just an accessory, your Yodi brush is a genuine health and care tool for your hair. Handcrafted in Italy using time-honored know-how, the brush is made of cotton acetate, not plastic! Perfectly designed, it combines the benefits of natural boar bristles with those of nylon.

Nylon pimples detangle knots while boar bristles distribute the hair's natural oils and smooth the cuticle: the perfect balance to maintain healthy hair while preventing breakage.

ALL HAIR! Normal, thick, smooth, wavy, textured (curly, frizzy) and even brittle hair. Our brush is also suitable for extensions. Carefully designed, all-inclusive bristles gently penetrate all hair types.

Hair is disciplined, moisturized, nourished, shiny and healthy from roots to ends.

The Yodi brush is made from durable, resistant and eco-responsible materials that are water-resistant, unlike more conventional plastic brushes. So you can easily clean your hairbrush.

Here are our cleaning tips:

1) Remember to remove hair, dirt and small dust particles trapped between the pins by hand after each brushing.

2) Once a month, use a damp cloth to gently clean between each bristle and pimple.


Its advantages

- Cleans and protects your hair:

Pimples gently remove impurities accumulated on the scalp throughout the day. Boar bristles evenly distribute the hair's natural, beneficial oils. This action deeply revitalizes and strengthens the hair fiber, and closes the hair scales to protect it from external aggression.

- Facilitates detangling and massages the scalp:

The nylon pins are designed to gently detangle your hair. They also provide a pleasant scalp massage and reoxygenate the scalp to stimulate hair growth. This brushing ritual will progressively aerate your hair, making it easier to shape and add volume.

- Nourishes, moisturizes and adds shine to lengths:

The keratin naturally present in boar bristles brings a dose of hydration, nutrition and softness to your lengths and ends. This closes the hair scales, leaving the hair fiber shiny and lustrous.

- Made from eco-friendly materials:

The brush handle is made of cotton-based cellulose acetate, not plastic! The brush resists the patina of time. It will remain in excellent condition for many years. Like the rest of our Yodi range, this durable, ergonomic accessory is easy to carry around with you!

Directions for use

For a true styling ritual, use your Yodi brush morning and night to keep your hair disciplined and avoid tangles and breakage! Depending on your hair type, brush dry, damp or wet:

- Fine, wavy hair: on dry and/or damp hair.

- Thick & textured hair (curly & frizzy): on wet hair.

Before going to bed, 100 strokes of the brush through your hair will make it stronger and more beautiful.

Steps to successful brushing:

1) Start by brushing the ends and lengths to avoid breakage and split ends.

2) Move up to the roots and scalp to enjoy the massage.

3) Finally, finish styling directly with your fingers for a natural effect.

Why cotton acetate?

A noble material with a scientific name. It's the innovative alternative to plastic! We chose cellulose acetate from cotton for its eco-responsibility, but that's not all! Made from wood pulp and cotton flower, cellulose acetate is the ideal natural material for high-quality frames.

Did you know that cellulose is found in colossal quantities and is highly under-exploited? Nature produces 200 billion tonnes of cellulose, but only 6 billion tonnes are used, mainly for heating. In the packaging industry today, around 100 million tonnes of plastics are used. Cellulose is the perfect alternative for us and our planet.

Customer Reviews

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In addition to being beautiful, this hairbrush is super pleasant to use, it's like a massage for the scalp. Hair is shiny and soft. I recommend it!