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Meeting with Veronica Brown, holistic therapist

Since the creation of Yodi, Hélène Azancot has enjoyed building relationships with wellness experts who share the same values of transparency, cleanliness, naturalness and sustainability.

In order to share these exchanges with as many people as possible, she wanted to organize events in the Yodi boutique at 27 avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and to highlight these inspiring people.

These experts come from different backgrounds: naturopath, author, designer, interior decorator... but they all have in common the desire to make things evolve towards a healthier future.

Today, Hélène met Veronica Brown, holistic coach.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am a sophrologist, master hypnosis practitioner, RNCP master coach and NLP practitioner. I am a trainer in sophrology and hypnosis since 2015. I am also an author at Eyrolles.

I created my method that I called ALIGNEE for which I started to train therapists last year. It is a holistic method that proposes a process of alignment at all levels: mental, physical and spiritual in order to find one's life path and unfold one's soul. A book on this method will be published on March 16th by Eyrolles.

What is a holistic therapy?

It is a therapy that deals with the whole person.

What are the principles?

Man is a complete being. Everything is linked. One cannot heal the body without healing the mind nor the mind without taking into account the spirit. In my opinion, we cannot help the body without connecting it to its soul, its great self, what it came to embody on this earth.

Can you introduce us to your Aligned method?

It is an alignment process that I have put in place as a result of my many years of experience in practice. I realized that by combining the different methods I was using, I was able to achieve faster, more effective and longer lasting results. So, with the agreement of my patients, I gradually added hypnosis, sophrology, Taoist exercises, numerology and other intuitive methods with intuitive supports such as the pendulum. Then I understood that it was even more effective when we respected a certain order: listen to the mind, take care of the body, visit the intuition, come back to the mind to see how it integrates these changes, if necessary come back to the subconscious and finally that all the changes take place in the same way, with the progress and integration of each part: body, mind, spirit, soul.

Do you have any wellness tips to give us to fight against stress?

Breathing, living in the moment, moving, laughing, going outside, changing posture and angle of view, always having a playlist with music that makes you want to smile and dance.

Do you have any wellness tips to give us to sleep better?

There are plenty of them, I did a whole workshop about it. You have to make sure that you respect different points and then it depends on each person.
I suggest a little sleep ritual that is very effective. You can also listen to the meditation and the special sleep breathing on my podcast RESPIRE.

What is your wellness routine?

Take time for myself every day, no matter what the circumstances.

Do you have anything to add?

Every day is an opportunity to improve and live wonderful experiences, let's take full advantage of it!

Instagram @veronicabrown_alignee

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