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Awareness: my triggers for a greener world

I'm Shanna, 21 years old. Communication student, passionate about dance, travel, gourmet and vegetarian.

What is your main beauty concern?

My beauty concern is knowing what I put on my skin. Having a sensitive skin, I am careful about what I put on it to avoid bad surprises. I use mostly natural products on my face and some that still contain chemicals but in small quantities. 

I hardly ever wear makeup, so skin care is very important to me. 

What was your clean health/beauty trigger (body, environment, nutrition, health, lifestyle)?

It's sad, but my beauty trigger was acne and the scars it left me with. For the past 3 years I've done nothing but educate myself on what was good for my skin and what wasn't.

My environmental/nutritional triggers often occur as a result of documentaries I watch. In 2016, I became interested in the animal cause and watched a lot of videos about it. So I became a vegetarian as a result and it's one of the best decisions I've made in my 20 short years of existence.

In 2018, I watched the documentary The True Cost: a poignant documentary about the textile industry and what lies behind it. 

In 2019 I took courage and eliminated Fast Fashion from my life and turned to the second hand : second best decision of my life that taught me a lot!

Many triggers in a very short time, all thanks to documentaries but also thanks to social networks (although they have many negative points) and influencers who talked about these topics. 

Next trigger, I hope: a healthier lifestyle. 

What has changed concretely in your routine?

Concretely, following my declics, I stopped buying petrochemical cosmetic products. I turned to cleaner brands, but I know today that even these "green" brands are not perfect. So I'm waiting for the brand that won't disappoint me on any aspect (or at least, that will disappoint me less than the current brands).

I have also stopped eating meat and fish, I hope to eliminate all animal products from my diet in a few years but for now I don't feel ready. 

I mean, I have stopped going to Zara or H&M. I am now a fan of thrift stores and Vinted and I know that it makes a difference. I see that around me, a lot of people who take the second hand way and it's really a good sign.

What are your small gestures for the planet?

Consume responsibly, even if I consume second hand, I think twice before making a purchase. The textile industry being the 2nd most polluting industry, I pollute less than before thanks to second hand. By becoming a vegetarian I also pollute less. 

Finally I avoid plastic, a stainless steel water bottle, a bamboo toothbrush, a solid shampoo, a tote bag and a stainless steel straw. I refuse plastic bags in stores. I assure you that these small changes make a difference. 

Obviously I am not perfect, I love to travel and to cross the ocean, the bike is not an option. I'm telling you this because I think that in our ecological transition, the important thing is not to blame ourselves for what we are not yet changing but rather to congratulate ourselves for our small changes

What do you ask of a green beauty brand today? 

What interests me today is honesty and transparency. I don't want to be called organic if only 10% of the ingredients are organically grown. I want to know everything, that's how I create a link with a brand. I also want a brand that my sensitive skin has nothing to fear, gentle but effective ingredients. A little more naturalness and less lies, that's what I want.

What do you like about the Yodi beauty approach?

Precisely what I like about Yodi is the transparency ! But also the fact that the products do not contain any water but only powerful and efficient active ingredients.

Finally, the innovation of the powders that I even find playful. For now my favorite product is the 3 oils face wash. But I can't wait to try others.

What does conscious beauty mean to you?

For me, conscious beauty is taking care of our skin and body while being aware of what we put on it, while being aware of what it will bring us. Conscious beauty is choosing your skin care products with a certain amount of care, it is turning to products that are really adapted to your needs.

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