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Aluminum is a durable material

How is aluminum recycled?

Did you know that? Aluminum is a durable and therefore recyclable material. Bauxite, the raw material from which aluminum is produced, exists in abundance. Yodi and its powder cosmetics decided to use it as the main material for its bottles.

Today, about 75% of all aluminum produced is still in the material production loop. Not only is aluminum readily available, it is also 100% recyclable. In fact, aluminum can be reprocessed and reformed over and over again without losing its quality. Using recycled aluminum is much better for the environment, as it conserves raw materials and saves 95% of energy.

The recycling process of aluminum is very simple thanks to the eddy current machines which catch even the small pieces of aluminum. The sorting centers in France are in the process of being equipped, at the moment out of 178 centers, about thirty have them. In 2022, it is estimated that 60 sorting centers will be equipped. 

We note that the consumption of aluminum is growing in Europe and in France (it represents 16% of the packaging sector in France in 2018), this is explained by the substitution effect. Indeed, aluminum is starting to replace other materials because it combines several qualities on its own, such as: lightness, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, ductility (can be worked and deformed at low temperatures and without breaking), recyclability and impermeability...

Yodi and its recyclable packaging

We know that when it comes to packaging, there is no perfect pack, except for the one that doesn't exist... But in the shower, when you want to keep a classic cleaning gesture, paper is not an option, glass is heavy and above all can break. We tried to avoid plastic, even recycled, because we know that plastic cannot be recycled indefinitely, because it loses quality. 

Yodi has decided to use aluminum packaging for our shampoo powders, our face wash powders and our skin care products. Because aluminum is also ideal for cosmetics. Thanks to its lightness you can take it everywhere with you. Its elegant shape is perfect to decorate your bathroom shelf; its conservation properties are ideal to keep the powder dry. To avoid any transfer between our powders and the aluminum, we put a natural varnish inside the bottles! Its quality eco-friendly was of primary importance to Yodi. 

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