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Our magazine Yodi gathers several articles on subjects that we love and want to share with you. Beauty trends, tips for your hair and skin, our magazine is a source of inspiration and advice you won't be able to live without. From interviews with celebrities to expert advice, our articles will guide you through the must-have beauty trends and wellness tips!

Beautiful skin, beautiful hair and a healthy stomach? That's the power of prebiotics and probiotics!

Today, there is a general awareness of the essential role that the bacteria in our body have on our overall health. Indeed, if human cells represent up to 43% of the total number of bacteria in the body, the...

5 tips for a successful digital detox

1 - Be aware It is important to know your consumption if you want to reduce it. Use an application that will give you this information and set yourself a numerical goal like "I will reduce my consumption...

Emotional detox to free your toxic emotions

Like the detox cures intended to release toxins, the emotional detox frees from toxic emotions. What is an emotional detox It is the cleaning of the body and the soul of the emotional and psychic waste. According to...

Our 5 Beauty Rituals after the pool

Because we know that you don't want to weigh down your already three-ton pool bag with your swimsuit and wet towels, that community showers are not the place to be...

The 5 most beautiful public swimming pools in France

Les Bains des Docks - Credit: Philippe Ruault In the Yodi team, we are fans of swimming and architecture. For this reason, we have concocted a list of the 5 most beautiful swimming pools in...

Adaptogens: anti-stress plants par excellence

To contribute to our daily well-being, it is important to know ourselves and what our body needs. Today, thanks to scientific research which has intensified and which attests to their benefits, adaptogens are increasingly used by oriental medicines within the framework of soft therapies, or even as an accompaniment to heavier treatments, so as to relieve the side effects which may be associated with them.

Back from vacation: the beauty rehab from head to toe

And it's already the end of the vacations! We wait all year long for them to arrive and time flies when they are here. We enjoyed the sunrise, the sea and swimming pools, the sunset aperitifs and everything that makes the charm of summer vacations. We come back in great shape, tanned or not, weighing maybe a little bit more(we have to let go from time to time) and often with very dry hair that we can't really control anymore.

Do good to your body with natural oils

Multifunctional, vegetable oils are excellent for the face, hair, but also and especially the body! 

But if oils can appear as the allies of dry skin, it is also important to identify the ones that are the most adapted to your problem. In fact, if you want to find THE Yodi cleanser made for you, it's righthere !