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Our Yodi magazine brings together several articles on subjects we love and want to share with you. From beauty trends to tips for your hair and skin, our magazine is a source of inspiration and advice you won't be able to live without. From interviews with celebrities to expert advice, our articles will guide you through the must-have beauty trends and wellness tips!

Fresh, light summer recipe: fruity salad

The sun! In the sky and on our plates. So what could be better than a fresh, light and tasty salad? As we prefer to spend time outdoors rather than in the kitchen, this is also the season for quick recipes. Our three 12H03 foodistas have just what you need: a fruity salad!

Nicecream Bowls, recipe for creamy smoothies

To celebrate the arrival of fine weather, our three 12H03 happy foodistas share their Nicecream bowls, made with La Beauté Hygée powders .

Recipe Green Spring Rolls & Mango Miso Sauce

For this first Saturday in May, 12H03 shares its Green Spring Rolls, a fresh, gourmet recipe that smells just like spring!

Fresh and delicious recipe | Avocado coconut lime tart

New recipe from our 3 happy foodistas 12H03 for the arrival of spring: avocado-coconut-lime tart. 

Our delicious gluten-free and lactose-free brioche cookies

Feeling a little greedy? Here's our Yodista Salomé's quick and easy recipe for gluten-free, lactose-free brioche cookies. 

Sour cream with tahini, vegan recipe for a successful aperitif

New recipe for a quick vegan aperitif from Chef Anthony Maselli of Wholydaysfrance and Wholywoodparis: the Tahini Sour Cream.

Vegan Aperitif Recipe | Yoghurt Pumpkin Cream

Looking for a comforting vegan aperitif recipe? Here's the recipe for Yoghurt Pumpkin Cream from Chef Anthony Maselli of Wholydaysfrance and Wholywoodparis.

Two healthy and gourmet recipes from Douze Heures Trois, our 3 happy foodistas

A trio of enthusiasts

Douze Heures Trois is a collective of three friends: Angèle, Héloïse and Isabelle, who cultivate a healthy yet gourmet lifestyle on a daily basis. They work in the food industry and are passionate about gastronomy, the art of eating well and aesthetics in general. 

Vegan and gluten-free carrot cake recipe

What could be better in winter than to enjoy some good cakes by the fire? Here's the recipe for vegan carrot cake from our yodista Salomé.