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Our magazine Yodi gathers several articles on subjects that we love and want to share with you. Beauty trends, tips for your hair and skin, our magazine is a source of inspiration and advice you won't be able to live without. From interviews with celebrities to expert advice, our articles will guide you through the must-have beauty trends and wellness tips!

ITW L'Indiscrète - Claire and Capucine - Founders of Petit Côté

Claire and Capucine are the founders of Petit Côté, a brand that innovates by being the first to offer vegetable-based pastries, a healthier, less sweet and less fatty alternative while...

ITW L'Indiscrète - Élodie Garamond (Le Tigre Yoga)

Elodie Garamond is the woman who allowed the practice of yoga to become more democratic in France. Ten years after the opening of the first Tiger Yoga in Paris, Elodie continues on the path of well-being with Le...

The 5 most beautiful public swimming pools in France

Les Bains des Docks - Credit: Philippe Ruault In the Yodi team, we are fans of swimming and architecture. For this reason, we have concocted a list of the 5 most beautiful swimming pools in...

Françoise, portrait of a swimming enthusiast

- Who are you? My name is Françoise, I just turned 60. I have two grown-up boys and I live alone in Dijon where I work. "Water is a real cocoon, a...

ITW The indiscreet - Julie Mamou Mani (@mamouz)

Photo credit: Chloé Vollmer Julie Mamou Mani is a talented content producer and, after the success of P.T.D.R. published by Jouvence, she is writing her 2nd book on humor. At Yodi, we love...

Margaux Ducarouge, our osteopath expert in facial care

From Reunion Island to Lake Annecy 

Margaux is our face care expert, she opened her osteopathy practice on the shores of Lake Annecy and has developed a specific protocol for the face and neck. She was born in Reunion Island, with her maternal grandparents, to whom she is very close. They have lived there for most of her life, and thanks to them, she grew up between the Indian Ocean and Lake Annecy.

Pascale Brousse, wellness expert and beauty trends specialist

Dorian's advice for beautiful hair, from Yodi's expert hairdresser.

A unique journey beyond borders

Dorian is our expert hairdresser, he started hairdressing very early, at the age of 10-12 years. He spent a lot of time in his cousin's hair salon. Intrigued by all these techniques, products, smells... He immediately wanted to do the same.

The Beauty Science Collective, a network of international women entrepreneurs

Since March 8, the Collective of Science and Beauty Initiated by American Founders from the Science and Research field, and which today counts more than 15 founders in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, meets to to advance the transparency of practices in the beauty industry. I am delighted through Yodi to make my voice heard and to participate in this Collective to highlight the quality of French Beauty.