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Our Yodi magazine brings together several articles on subjects we love and want to share with you. From beauty trends to tips for your hair and skin, our magazine is a source of inspiration and advice you won't be able to live without. From interviews with celebrities to expert advice, our articles will guide you through the must-have beauty trends and wellness tips!

Natural care for curly hair with Yodi

From straightening my hair every day to embracing my curls If the recent confinement has been an unprecedented and difficult experience for most of us, it has nonetheless encouraged me to take...

What are the solutions for coloring white hair?

Don't you have any white hair? Well, you're either very young or very spoiled by nature, and this question is on everyone's mind - nearly one in two French women...

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type

Men deserve the very best in cosmetics too! Traditionally, men used the same shower and hair care products without even looking at the composition, but times have changed. More and more men are paying attention to the composition of their beauty products. They're spending more and buying better quality. 

6 mistakes to avoid when you have dandruff

No panic, because you're not alone: one in two people has suffered or will suffer from dandruff problems in their lifetime... Stress, irritated scalp, unsuitable shampoo... the causes can be...

Our tips and advice for avoiding split ends

Do you dream of long, shiny, thick, healthy hair, but feel that no matter how hard you try, it just won't grow?

Irritated scalp shampoo: how to find yours?

Does your scalp irritate and itch? Does it also affect your hair, which is dry, full of dandruff and hurts? Then your scalp may be out of balance...

Silicone-free shampoo. Why try it in 2021?

Silicone is present in many hair care products today. Of course, it makes hair particularly soft and shiny... But unfortunately, this chemical component is also, and above all, harmful both to us and to...

Homemade dry hair mask | Which one's right for you?

It is essential to use the right products to deeply care for your skin. dry hair and damaged hair. Natural hair care products are what we prefer, but sometimes all it takes is a trip to the kitchen to find effective ingredients for making homemade masks.. These treatments are free of controversial ingredients and chemicals, and provide in-depth care for the hair fiber.

Summer guide for your hair

Ah, summer's a dream come true... the heat, the sun, the cocktails, the beach... we love it all! However, it's not the most tender season for our hair. That's why it's important to be well-prepared for the arrival of fine weather, so you don't end up with hair as dry as straw. But what routine should you adopt? Here's our summer guide to answer all your questions.