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To make rhyme the Vegan care, effective and sure in cosmetic

02 October 2022

Bertille's testimony, founder of a Vegan cosmetics platform and sensitive skin expert: "My skin is sensitive, but I learn a lot about skin in general, not necessarily only about sensitive skin."

Bertille discovered YODI almost a year ago and quickly integrated the vegan and natural shampoos and cleansers into her own daily care routine.

This young woman of 25 years old, passionate about cosmetics, left her studies in real estate to launch herself in entrepreneurship and retail. She created a year ago an online sales platform named SOYAE (which means Beautiful in Thai) which offers only vegan skincare products and which have the particularity to sacrifice nothing to the efficiency.

She shares with us her journey and her awareness as well as her daily routine.

The awareness and the choice of Vegan

5 or 6 years ago, Bertille stopped eating meat. This decision was taken instinctively, as no one around her was Vegan and this decision has strongly influenced her life style and of course her choice of cosmetics.

"The starting point was mainly to protect animal welfare. I stopped eating meat first and then fish. In recent years, I am almost 100% vegan."

In our diet, it can be challenging to switch to a totally vegan diet because we are often at the table with family or friends who do not always share our values. That's why Bertille has also decided to extend this awareness to her lifestyle (she doesn't wear leather, fur, or silk...) and especially to her beauty products. For her, it is much easier to be vegan in fashion or beauty: "I don't understand why we apply ingredients from animals in beauty. It's so easy to do without."

The idea of Soyae was born from an observation:

"The observation is that, by personal vocation, I wished to consume Vegan beauty products but in the brands or sites, there was not necessarily advice that went with it. However, what I like in skincare is to have effective active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven. We often find natural product websites but they don't necessarily have really effective or specific products. There was also not necessarily a platform on the market where you could find truly vegan brands with real advice. I was tricked several times by buying products with beeswax without thinking to look at the composition in detail for example. I had to do a lot of research before buying my shampoo or my moisturizer. My goal was to find vegan products that were also effective and adapted to all budgets. So I decided to create a Vegan Beauty Site. For all those who do not necessarily look at and understand INCI lists, I decided to do this research for them. What I like about SOYAE is that it's not just Vegans who buy from my site. Consumers like the fact that the research work has been done and that the products I put on my site have already been analyzed and are products that contain effective active ingredients."

Bertille's routines

"I am a redhead, I have fair skin, sensitive and since I was a little girl I have been aware of the need to protect my skin. I have very thick hair and a very sensitive scalp, so I'm careful about what I use. 10 years ago I couldn't really find makeup products adapted to my very fair skin. It was the same for black skin. So I had to look elsewhere by myself to find suitable products.

In the evening: I use a cleansing oil, then thecleansing powder YODI Vitamine C et fleurs d’Hibiscus.

Then, since my skin is dehydrated, I use a hyaluronic acid lotion. I also use a light moisturizer that regulates my combination skin.

I immediately incorporated the Vitamin C cleanser into my routine, which I love. It suits me very well and does not irritate my skin at all. I highly recommend it.

For my hair, I regularly do vegetable oil baths (about once a month). Concerning my shampoo, I'm really a fan of theshampoo powder YODI Douceur de Lait d'Amande.It is gentle, suitable for my hair and does not grease or irritate my scalp which is also hyper sensitive.

Finally, my all-purpose product: shea butter. I always have some with me and I use it for everything. It's a fabulous asset."

 Consumer demands

"What consumers are asking for are: complete routines, from makeup remover to eye cream, but also a lot of cleansers, specific serums and a basic day cream. I'm selecting more and more hair products, because I'm getting requests as well.

Today, my clients are mostly women of all ages. However, I hope that in the future, women and men will be able to find a routine that suits them on Soaye, without any gender distinction. Because I don't think skin care should be gender specific (except for specificities: pregnant women for example...).

I really like the fact that Yodi also makes products for curly hair. It shows that the brand is listening to trends and consumer(s) demands."

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