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Meeting with Floriane Bongard, well-being expert

Since the creation of Yodi, Hélène Azancot has enjoyed building relationships with wellness experts who share the same values of transparency, cleanliness, naturalness and sustainability.
In order to share these exchanges with as many people as possible, she wanted to organize events in the Yodi boutique at 27 avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and to highlight these inspiring people.
These experts come from different backgrounds: naturopath, author, designer, interior decorator... but they all have in common the desire to make things evolve towards a healthier future.

Today, Hélène met Floriane Bongard.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am a yoga, meditation and sound bath teacher. I give sound baths trainings and I sell alchemical crystal bowls. I also launched 4 months ago an application for the well-being of the mind: bubble.

What is the sound bath?

A type of meditation that uses sound to bring one into a state of relaxation. Many instruments can be used, my favorite instrument is the crystal bowl.

Can you present us your Bubble Wellness concept?

Bubble was born out of a desire to democratize practices for the well-being of the mind, namely meditation, breathing, hypnosis, sophrology etc., and to create a support system to stay diligent and motivated. As a teacher, many people confide in me about what they are experiencing. I have realized how simple tools can make a real difference.

(Please note: we do not replace doctors - our vocation is to provide support for the "little problems" of everyday life such as stress, lack of self-confidence etc.)

Do you have any wellness tips to give us to fight against stress?

Yes, I have so many that it's not easy to choose! For work-related stress, for example, establishing a routine can have a very positive effect. For example, start each day with 5 minutes of breathing and a bit of writing down your goals, possibly taking up breathing again in the middle of the day if you feel too much stress.

Do you have any wellness tips to give us to sleep better?

Each person is different but I would advise generally not to look at your messages/emails or anything that could stimulate the mind at least 30 minutes before bedtime, maybe create a ritual to relax, it can be writing like removing your makeup consciously because it's a good moment just for you. Personally, I like to have a background noise to fall asleep, that's why I like to listen to a sound bath or a nidra type meditation - it works very well on me

What is your wellness routine?

I change it regularly so I don't get bored! I had a baby 3 months ago, so it's not easy to have a routine, but every day I write down 3 things I'm grateful for and I meditate or do reiki for 10/15 minutes. If I can, I also do a little yoga to stretch and breathe well.

Instagram @florianebng

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