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Natural care for curly hair with Yodi

From straightening my hair daily to accepting my curls

If the recent confinement has been a new and difficult experience for most of us, it has however encouraged me to take more time to take care of myself and my hair.

Complexed by my curls since I was young, I straightened my hair for many years. The difference being difficult to accept as a teenager, I paid a lot of attention to the look of others.

Today, with a little more maturity, I have decided to accept my hair and to accept myself because hair is an integral part of us, it is in my opinion the extension of our personality. At the same time, there is this generalized approach from society and brands in terms of inclusiveness, body positivism and therefore acceptance of our uniqueness as a person.

All this movement, both internal and external, helps me and allows me to accompany myself in this process of acceptance and sublimation of my hair nature.

 Photo with a person's back and curly hair

Towards a more natural and beneficial beauty routine for curly hair

As I thought about it, I realized that with curly hair, you use a lot of products, both in terms of care and styling, to define and maintain the curl.

So I thought it would be better for me and my hair to switch to a cleaner and more natural routine in terms of composition. I'm looking to do good for my hair while keeping the effectiveness and sensoriality that are key points for me in a beauty routine!

For this transition, which I was a little afraid of (we are often warned that the hair may not be aesthetically pleasing during the phase of adaptation to the new healthy products used, free of silicones and therefore with a "raw" rendering, less trompe l'oeil, less glossy hair, sheathed, etc.), I chose to trust YODI, this beautiful holistic brand, innovative and committed to expertise, self-care but also the planet.

While browsing the brand's website, I spotted the Nutritive Argan shampoo and immediately thought that it was the product for me, as my hair is curly and therefore dry and in need of nutrition (Argan-type oils are often recommended in this case). To be sure and to test my intuition, I did the online hair diagnosis which I found very simple, intuitive and quick to do! The YODI routine, personalized and adapted to my hair, came out very quickly without me having to do anything more: the Douceur de Lait d'Amande shampoo combined with the Ideal Aloe Argan mask! So I was quite surprised at first since I was expecting to be recommended the Nutritive Argan. But when I read the YODI explanation, I understood that the Douceur de Lait d'Amande Mask was more adapted to my fine hair in search of volume at the roots. The personalized routine resulting from the diagnosis even allowed me to save money since it directed me to the shampoo + mask set, which was more interesting than the two single products I was about to choose just before.

I ordered this nice box and received it very quickly, in 48 hours, and I was surprised to discover my routine beautifully wrapped in pretty paper. All in all, a very neat and aesthetic package, which is a pleasure to unwrap!

So I tested this routine for several weeks: even if I was initially skeptical about the powder for shampoo galenic which can be a little confusing, in the end it is on the contrary simple to use and quite fun: I wet my hair well in the shower, I take a little powder in my hand (not too much because it's useless, it's the water that activates the foam!), I add a little water to it, I rub my hands to mix it: a creamy foam is formed and I apply it directly on my scalp and I massage! Alternatively, I can also directly apply the appropriate amount of powder taken from my hand on my wet scalp and massage: the effect is the same, there is even a little more foam like that I feel! I find this moment very sensorial: Yodi offers us a pleasant interlude in the shower thanks to the light coconut scent, natural and greedy! Then I rinse off the shampoo and spin my hair to apply the Ideal Aloe mask. I take a good dab of the product and apply it to my lengths and ends. I leave it on for at least 5 minutes while I continue my shower. I then proceed to detangle my hair with an adapted brush by separating my hair in 2 parts to facilitate the task (having curly hair and detangling it only with the wash, i.e. twice a week, I have many knots!) The creamy texture (reminiscent of yogurt!) of the mask makes it easy to detangle my hair thanks to its rich and slippery texture. I rinse and then wring out my hair. Finally, I gently dry my hair upside down by "scrunching" my hair from the bottom to the top with a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt so as not to break the curls or dry out my lengths.

The result is clear: my hair is soft, supple and shiny. I really feel like my scalp is healthy, my hair is well nourished and moisturized, and my curls are nice and bouncy.

Three pictures of people from the back with curly hair.

My Haircare beauty tips

Use the mask in different ways, it is multipurpose! It can be used as a classic mask to leave on after washing; as a co-wash to gently cleanse, rehydrate the scalp and redefine curls; to mix with water in a spray bottle to rewet and reactivate the hydration of curls in the morning; to leave on in a plated bun all day the day before shampooing when the hair is "dirty"; in the composition of the DIY homemade scrub (1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of fine salt, 3 tablespoons of the Ideal Aloe Argan mask and mix it all together).

In short: taking care of your hair with Yodi is also taking care of your health

Even though I know that many of us struggle with our curls on a daily basis - I was the first one to dream of Brazilian straightening - I strongly advise against changing or trying to go against the nature of your hair on a daily basis.

Several studies have indeed alerted to the danger of hair straightening and especially Brazilian straightening. Most of them contain many chemicals, including formaldehyde (formaldehyde), which could contribute to an increase in the risk of various cancers.

Moreover, the Brazilian Health Safety Agency (ANVISA) confirms these hypotheses by specifying that the risks linked to the use of formalin, in particular, can range from skin allergy to respiratory disorders, including an increased risk of throat cancer in exposed persons.


You will have understood that it is PRIMORITY for our health to choose natural, safe, healthy and endocrine disruptor free cosmetic products. This is exactly what YODI offers by combining naturalness, effectiveness, sensoriality and safety!

So, don't wait any longer and go for it... !

Here are the YODI products that I recommend for curly hair at its best:

- Powder and prebiotic shampoo Douceur de Lait d'Amande for fine, dry, dull hair in search of volume at the roots

- Nutritive Argan powder and prebiotic shampoo for very dry and/or colored hair, in search of nutrition, suppleness and softness

- The Ideal Aloe Argan mask for all types of curls, which are by nature thirsty and need to be nourished

- Muesli & Pure Vanilla oil as a finishing touch on the tips for intense and long-lasting nutrition with a divine scent



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