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ITW L'indiscrète / Alix Petit

Alix Petit is the founder of Heimstone, a women's clothing brand with an elegant and original style. She's an inspiring and inspired thirty-something. She's a sporty, hard-working woman and a mother who loves her two daughters. 

Alix agreed to answer our indiscreet questions. 

Yodi Beauty: Your mantra?

Alix Petit: Where there's a will, there's a way. 

Yodi Beauty: Your favorite movie?

Alix Petit: Le grand Bleu. 

Yodi Beauty: Your favorite song?

Alix Petit: Right now, Harry styles, I like everything about him, so all his songs.

Yodi Beauty: The place where you feel good?  

Alix Petit: At home in bed. I feel like I can let all the pressure of my day spread out on my mattress.

Yodi Beauty: Your food routine for autumn?

Alix Petit: It doesn't really change from the summer one, or at least it starts the same way: I start with a glass of hot water, followed by a large glass of freshly squeezed celery juice. They say you have to suffer to be beautiful!

I'm not a vegetarian but I always eat lots of vegetables.

The real change is going to be from white wine to red wine. 😁

Yodi Beauty: What's your favourite food?

Alix Petit: A good pasta dish always makes me dream, especially pasta al Limone of my sister @threesevenparis.

Yodi Beauty: Your favorite junk food? 

Alix Petit: A double cheese burger menu with an extra Mc Chicken.

I'll never tire of it, it's as good as a gastro for me 😂.

Yodi Beauty: What's your favourite sport?

Alix Petit: All sports, I love sport, I love getting sore, sweating, challenging myself and I love even more the feeling in my body and especially in my head after sport.

I also practice a lot of ashtanga, and for a few years now, I've decided to improve my flexibility to age better!

I also jog, box and play tennis, but it's true that yoga is an important part of my daily routine. 

Yodi Beauty: Your favorite wellness expert?

Alix Petit: At the moment, it's draining massages Martine De Richeville.

Yodi Beauty: Your beauty routine for autumn?

Alix Petit: Moisturizing, I know that skin gets damaged in the sun, but for me it's mainly the cold that irritates it.

Yodi Beauty: Your beauty secret?

Alix Petit: Sleep with a night mask 3 nights a week.

Yodi Beauty: Where does your inspiration come from?

Alix Petit: It comes from my daily life, my travels, art, but also a lot from my emotions.

Yodi Beauty: What's your favorite Heimstone piece?

Alix Petit: It's hard to choose just one, because in 15 years of collections, there are so many, but right now it's our Harlem oversize sweatshirtwhich we make in a soft, comforting cashmere fabric, in print, or even in fleece.

I find it both edgy and elegant, I wear them with everything, all the time.

Yodi Beauty: What inspired you to create it?

Alix Petit: A photo of a skateboarder in a skate park in NYC, she was drowned in her sweatshirt, I thought she looked really sexy in her tracksuit! 

Yodi Beauty: How do you manage the stress inherent in your job? 

Alix Petit: I deal with problems one after the other, and I try to get rid of what stressed me the day before as quickly as possible! 

Yodi Beauty: What's your biggest fantasy?

Alix Petit: Knowing how to sing.

Yodi Beauty: Your beauty secret?

Alix Petit: Sleep with a night mask 3 nights a week. 

Alix Petit: Every morning, I do a dry scrub with the brush @ohmycreambrush, then apply sweet almond oil and rinse off with a cold shower.

I know that when you put it like that, it's not the stuff of dreams, but for 3 years now I've been finding an incredible sense of well-being.

It wakes up the body, the skin, the heart and the head.

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