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Emotional detox to free your toxic emotions

Like the detox cures designed to release toxins, the emotional detox releases toxic emotions.

What is an emotional detox 

It is the cleansing of the body and soul of emotional and psychic waste.

According to Habib Sedghi, Penelope Cruz's doctor, over the years, the negative emotions that accumulate in the body can be the cause of diseases. Hence the need to clean them regularly.

An emotion, even a negative one, is not necessarily toxic. It is the accumulation and recurrence of these negative emotions that is bad: this is what we will try to identify in the context of an emotional detox.

The ideal break

At Yodi we may have found the solution. The Pleace Break program, a real reset for a better start, without going to Bali.

Emilie Veyretout, the co-founder of Pleace, has been a French journalist in the wellness sector for 20 years. She has, among other things, directed the beauty/wellness section of Le Figaro for 10 years. A decade of testing just about everything that exists in this universe has allowed her to create the perfect offer.

How does it work?

 Pleace offers a digital program, which can be consulted from home, consisting of : 

  • an emotional questionnaire to discover why you need a break, 
  • journaling because writing is the best way to release what needs to be evacuated,
  • dance to get the body moving again to the sound of a powerful gong bath,
  • hypnosis to live a "mental nap" offering an intense regeneration of yourself,
  • a recipe for a Wild and the Moon smoothie to put your body (also) on pause,
  • an intense journey to the heart of emotions through the work of the breath. When the breath changes, the energy changes,
  • Cardiac coherence, the simplest of exercises for managing stress and fatigue in everyday life.
  • and tests, exercises and tips to put more energy, calm and good vibes in your life.

Quite a program! It will not be worth more to free you from all your negative emotions.

Shall we try?

And you, have you already tried the emotional detox? Don't hesitate to share your tips and tricks with us. 

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