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5 tips for a successful digital detox

24 January 2023

1 - Be aware 

It is important to know your consumption if you want to reduce it. Use an application that will give you this information and set a numerical goal like "I will reduce my consumption to 2 hours per day". This will improve your chances of success.

2 - Do the housework 

A digital detox involves cleaning up your cell phone. 

You will transform yourself into Marie Kondo and get rid of the clutter. 

Start by unsubscribing from all newsletters you no longer read. If you haven't read the last 3 from the sender, you can consider that you won't do it anymore. 

Well, I hope our YODI newsletter is not one of them...

Then, sort through your emails. It's liberating to throw out the ones that don't need to be archived. 

Sort your videos and photos: ideal to save space and remember the good memories to keep!

Finally, delete unnecessary applications that take up unnecessary space in your phone's storage.

Think that this digital detox will also be good for the planet. Everything we store in the cloud consumes a lot (too much) of energy.  

3 - Set up phone slots

A digital detox also involves choosing the moments when you accept to be solicited. 

Set up times with phones, rather than without. Humans are much better at following permissions than accepting prohibitions. You may think it's the same thing, but your brain makes a difference. Avoiding looking at your phone all the time makes it easier to focus!
Turn on airplane mode, between two allowed slots, and use the time to read, stroll, listen to vinyl, watch a good movie...or attend meetings while staying focused! 

4 - Disable notifications

Notification is stronger than you are. Its power is enormous and you are not armed enough to resist it.

Receiving constant notifications disturbs your concentration and generates stress, yes, yes! Remove notifications from your applications and especially from your mailbox.

In the evening, put yourself on silent except for your emergency numbers: ideal for better sleep!

5 - Going out without a phone

Not so simple! But ask yourself how long it's been since you've done it. 

Start by going shopping without your faithful companion, then go for a walk for an hour, an afternoon or even a weekend in the countryside.

Go gradually because the first few times you may feel like you are reliving those dreams of going to school in your pajamas.

But if you can do it, you will quickly feel a sense of freedom.

Good digital detox 

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